Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Privacy Policy

At VINCA Cards recognize that privacy is very important to our web customers/subscribers.
Please be assured that any information you submit to us will be held in strictest confidence. We do not sell or otherwise release any information regarding our customers/subscribers to any third party.
However, in order to make your visit easier the next time cookies may be placed on your temporary internet file in order to reduce the time required to make the connection and display the page.

Should you decide to visit a site by clicking one of the advertising links on this page, information will be recorded in order to identify the source of entry to the site. This is necessary to facilitate tracking and payment of affiliates to the sites concerned, but it does not infringe upon your right to privacy.

Further more; in order to support collection of statistical data pertaining to the relevent site/blog, information is stored securely, but is not available to any third parties.

Polly Peirce